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Web design & development

We have over 20 years of experience in designing and implementing web solutions and applications. From simple websites made for the needs of brands and products, to large, extensive enterprise solutions.

What we do

We select programming technologies according to the size and type of the project. We use the WordPress platform, through more advanced open source frameworks, to dedicated solutions usually written in J2EE (for its advantages of performance, scalability and security).


Strategy that sells

We start each project with an analysis of your client needs and building user interface (UX/UI). We also offer full support for brand and product communication strategies. We also offer “copy” creation. A website is primarily a marketing communication tool, technology is just a way to achieve this.

Web Design

Website design is an important element of the brand’s strategy in digital media. Good design is responsible for attracting the attention of the Internet user in the first few seconds. Without it, even the best marketing offer of the brand, dressed in the best copy, dies in the information noise.

Web Development

Whenever possible, we use open source solutions so that you do not feel uncomfortable with the technology provider. In the case of “custom made” solutions, we always transfer copyrights to the source code. Of course, we support the code and the IT solution itself as long as you need it.


Content is the King. Long live the King! As a team with strong strategic competence, we attach great importance to the quality of content on websites. We also help in creating content for SEO, content marketing activities, and support for social media activities (including FB profiles, Instagram, etc.).

Our latest projects

"Loft Kulinarny"

A lifestyle shop and online magazine devoted to the artistic craftsmanship of young Polish craftsmen. We built the store based on WooCommerce and “custom” templates and sales support processes. The store is integrated with a magazine based on WordPress with a custom homepage, various templates per article category and many other interesting “tailor-made” solutions.

"Warsztaty Perfum"

Sales service of workshops of composing your own perfumes. Workshops in the online and stationary webinar model. Created on the basis of WordPress and a training event handling mechanism integrated with the on-line payment system.

"Heritage of Poland"

Website of a Polish fruit winemaker using the traditional wine method based on old Polish recipes. An example of a product website created on the basis of WordPress with a small budget, open to further development, including the expansion of it with an on-line store.

"Amber Master Jewelry"

Amber Master is a company specialising in the design and production of amber jewellery. The goal was to create a responsive, fast-loading business card with sample products. This is an example of a website with a small budget (less then 1000 USD), implemented in a few days.


Ciuciucacy is a studio specialising in product photography. Therefore, the assumptions of the website design were to strongly display photos of sample works. The platform is WordPress, the DIVI package. Due to the large images, the optimisation of the page in terms of loading speed was an important element.


The Academy of Creativity in Business is one of our agency’s training and consulting projects. We made a website based on WordPress. We used the DIVI editing overlay very intuitive to use so that the website could be quickly edited even by people who have no experience in using WordPress.

wordpress HOT PROMO!


For all those whose circumstances have forced them to quickly reorient themselves to online activities, we have an attractive offer for complex implementation of a company or product website. Complexity in this case means that we not only design and code the website itself, but above all we create a marketing concept for it and all content (descriptions, photos, etc.). You don’t worry about anything. Of course, all site assumptions, preceded by an analysis of your business, we set together beforehand (remotely, using a video messenger). If your site is to sell your offer, it must be well designed. And not just graphically, but strategically in the first place.


There is no sale without a good strategy. No matter what you sell and how big you are.


There is no customer attention and trust in the brand without good design. 



There is no understanding  without good words and stories built on them.


“Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”…


Even the best-created site, but slow and invisible to search engines, is useless.

WordPress is No 1 internet platform for web site building and management (WordPress has 61.8% of the CMS market). 

35% of the Internet is Powered by WordPress

Considering that the number of total active websites is estimated at over 1.3 billion according to a survey published by Netcraft, that means that around 455,000,000 websites are using WordPress right now.

why with us?

20 years of experience and knowledge, cooperation with the largest international corporations, innovative, pioneering IT projects.

As a team, we are a mix of industry veterans and “young blood”. We have 20 years of experience and knowledge gained in cooperation with major corporations such as Peugeot, PTC ERA (T-mobile), Danone, Unilever, and Diageo. We’ve had innovative IT projects – like. e.g. one of the first in the world (2001) fully automatic and “smart” online stores for PTC ERA (T-mobile), also with the store version for the first telephones with the Internet access (!), one of the first platforms “marketing automation” for Peugeot (when such a concept was not known yet) and hundreds of other dedicated IT solutions for marketing activities of our clients (as a Brand Support agency, whose co-founder, co-owner and head of strategy and IT was Jarek Goławski, our current head of strategy at Brandico).

Jarek Golawski.

(Head of Strategy at Brandico)

Who do you entrust with creating your online marketing communication? Jarek Goławski is an experienced business and marketing strategist with great experience in digital marketing and IT. A creative person who is also pragmatic and able to transform innovation into a well-managed “project”. He is also a business practitioner. He created from scratch, developed and sold several international businesses (including his former 360-degree marketing agency – Brand Support). If you want rapid growth, guerilla strategy, hacking business reality, agile project management – sign up for a free consultation.

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