Brand Strategy, Corporate ID, naming, packaging

“Heritage of Poland” wines

Heritage of Poland is a brand of the Apple Paple company (whose brand strategy we co-created with its Founders). HoP are fruit wines created on the basis of old recipes of the Polish wine tradition dating back several centuries. These are wines prepared mainly for export. The scope of our work included the development of brand strategy, brand ID, naming, packaging.


Jun 24, 2017
Brandico Team


Brand Strategy
Corporate ID

Label design and all brand identification refers to the tradition of famous fruit wines from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries (until 1990). Wines produced during the Polish People’s Republic (the period of socialism) were particularly prominent in mass culture. During this period, these wines were extremely popular, despite the fact that their quality deviated from excellent…

…and the design of the labels was also very specific. Simplified, flat graphics, inaccuracy of printing matrices, characteristic borders with a calendar on which the machine cut out the production date. Today, some of these labels have become an inspiration to create the identification of “Heritage of Poland” wines