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Business strategies, in particular marketing strategies, are one of our key competences. An experienced businessman also knows that in every project related to brand management, the strategy is the most important stage of work. Success has many fathers, but failure most often one – strategy…

what we do

“Choose a job you love and you won’t work a single day more in your life.” – Confucius

We undertake marketing challenges. We effectively “deliver” goals. We love what we do. Our passion to work with brands, innovative products and services allows us to give more than expected.

We specialize in branding strategies for small, medium-sized companies and startups. Our background, however, is over 20 years of work for large international corporations (read more about it). We share this knowledge and experience to support smaller companies today on their path to global growth or expansion. We are practitioners, not just theoreticians. We created and sold several companies ourselves.

Brand and product creation

From the analysis of competitive environment, business goals, through creative workshops, generating ideas, to precise brand definition at the level of structure, personality, dimensions and archetypes of the brand. And then go-to-market strategy, marketing and advertising campaigns. Everything planned and implemented effectively.  

Brand and product innovations

We live in a decade of product convergence, easy access to OEM products, own brands of sales networks, the ease of creating “micro-brands” on the Internet by almost everyone. If we want to create a noticeable and effective brand in advertising communication (“self-supporting”) today, we must create it in an innovative way. We can help in this. We have several such projects.

Brand positioning and repositioning

“Every being is defined in time and space.” This also applies to brands and products in their living on the market. We assign attributes to brands in such a way that they are the most effective on the market among competitors. Under changing conditions, we “reposition” them to keep them effective.


Change management

Is strategy boring? Is. Deadly. For employees, the company, for the brand itself … But only when it is brought on a tray by an external consulting company … Therefore, in our work with clients, we always use our methods of creative and collective strategy creation of a company or brand developed over the years. . We always engage key employees at every stage of work, so that at the end each of them feels a co-author of the concept. You don’t know what creativity resources are hidden in them! We guide our clients safely through processes of change in the area of marketing.

Brand architecture strategies and product portfolio

The strategy of brand architecture is managing relationships between the main brand and other brands, sub-brands, product lines. Such management optimizes expenses (e.g. advertising), helps diversify market risks, and tailors the offer to the specifics of different markets.

Research and analysis

We carry out macro market marketing analyzes for our clients’ projects, predictive analyzes of market trends, research on cultural semiotics, and consumer research projects. We are not orthodox or extensive, long-term consumer research and rigidly sticking to the resulting conclusions. The world is changing too quickly and is too complex to predict every detail. That is why we adhere to the principle of “agile” – flexible and quick adjustment to the market. And surfing the biggest wave of trends that can still be predicted. As Dwight Eisenhower said: “planning is everything, the plan is nothing.”

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