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“Tomorrow is today—but a day away”

This quote from S. Mrożek today has even more significance. Our world, not only business, has found itself (in an accelerated mode) before the challenge of gigantic adaptation to new conditions of action and thinking. Only those entrepreneurs who will be able to be more flexible, more creative and more effective will survive on the market. Anticipating customer expectations and giving them what they need when they often don’t even realize it. Those who will be one step ahead of the competition will win. We are here to help them with this. We look at the world as it will be “tomorrow”. And it is not so distant and foggy tomorrow, but one that we all know will occur after the end of the Covid Pandemic. Tomorrow changes in the mentality of consumers, their shopping priorities, spending priorities, ways of ordering products and services.

We are also here to give hope. Paraphrasing the Chinese proverb: “When the wind of change blows, some build walls, others build windmills.”

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Jarek Goławski. Head of Strategy at Brandico



As entrepreneurs and the Management Board of the Brandico agency, since 2010 we have been running all our business projects in the modern “low asset management” model, where key, strategic competences for the business are permanently employed and other team members are selected for the needs of a specific project from among our freelance friends ‘ditches from around the world. This gives us several benefits: maintaining an attractive price offer, available not only for large companies, but also for smaller ones, including startups. It gives our clients the best mix of team competences, ideally suited to individual preferences (e.g. in design) and the needs of a specific project. They do not pay for artificially maintained positions in the agency.

Also, in today’s virus situation, there is no better model of collaboration than remote/social distancing work.


Jarek Goławski

Jarek Goławski

Head of Strategy

Bogusława Goławska

Bogusława Goławska


our story

We are a family company. Which is not common in the advertising industry. The management and core of the company’s key employees are Bogusia “Bo” Goławska and Jarek Goławski. We have both come a long way of experience in our industries – Bogusia in the medical services industry as a specialist in customer service and management, Jarek in the marketing and new technologies industry as a strategist, analyst, Creative Director and entrepreneur.

Our roots date back to 1997, when Jarek Goławski founded his first branding studio “Locostudio”.

The beginnings were a great adventure of working with clients of Polish show business such as MTV, which took over the Atomic TV station and needed rebranding and increased brand awareness, Odyssey Concerts (currently Live Nation), music industry clients and others. Then business became more “serious” because we started to run projects for clients such as Unilever, Real (Metro AG), and then more FMCG corporations.



In the meantime, a company was established under the brand “Brand Support”, which over time became one of the major independent agencies in Poland serving dozens of the largest international clients such as: Coty, Diageo, Danone, GSK, Peugeot, USP Zdrowie, Unilever and many others . At that time, a very strong digital marketing and IT department was also created, which allowed to win several large tenders for large and innovative at this time IT solutions such as the online distribution channel for PTC ERA (T-mobile) or a large platform to service dealers and customers of Peugeot Poland (and dozens of other similar projects).


In December 2014, Jarek Goławski sold Brand Support shares to the then-partners, who still run the Agency under this brand to deal with new business challenges for the acquired capital.


Over the next few years, Jarek Goławski developed new companies not related to the advertising industry. These were, among others, co-creation of Apple Paple – a Polish company producing and exporting fruit wines almost all over the world. Also responsible for creating innovative technology of interactive, personalized TV ads and T-commerce tools at Smarty (a company operating in the Middle East and Poland).
He trained Polish companies in the field of creativity and innovation in business at Creativity Academy  (akademiakreatywnosci.com). During this period, he met the specifics of doing business on the markets of the Middle East, China, Taiwan, the USA and European markets, building the expansion of Apple Paple (a small, independent company with a micro budget).
Nothing teaches efficiency and effectiveness like working for your own business.

Brandico is our sum of experience and knowledge gathered over 20 years as entrepreneurs and experts in our business fields.

Now we want to share it with you.


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